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Devin W. Leaman (Alcha)

About Me

I am a software developer and founder/lead developer of HassleFree Solutions, LLC., a freelance development company that has a penchant for user-focused software that works seamlessly. I began my professional development career in 2015 at SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. (SAPIEN) after graduating from the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology - Programming.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of the languages, tools, utilities, etc., that I am confident I can work with and/or have worked with extensively in the past:


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Java (6, 7, 8)
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Node.js (ES5 & ES6)
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PowerShell (2.0 - 6+)


Cloud Technology Services:

Misc. Technologies:


I have been lucky enough to work on a wide variety of projects, such as creating an Android app from scratch that parses PowerShell help XML files for help on the go, to creating a Discord chatbot that is used by over 12,000 users. Here are some of the projects I consider noteworthy with some extra information:


Tron is my longest lasting and most successful project. As of writing, it is currently on 100 different servers and has a user count of 13,975. One point of pride with this project is that nearly every command was added due to a feature request from someone who uses the bot. I’m very fond of the excitement when I add a feature that someone asked about previously. When they realize Tron can do what they wanted, they tend to use it a lot more.


iPowerShell was my first major development project, and I had taken it on shortly after starting at SAPIEN. The CEO had previously built an iOS version of the app and wanted it ported to Android. I was confident in Java so I asked if I could do it, and was given the go ahead. Now the finished product is available on the Google Play Store and is maintained by SAPIEN.

Contact Me

I have a more thorough list of places to reach me on my Home Page, however, these are the best as I’m likely to see it sooner: